Robin R. Dillard

The Business Equality Advocate


An advocate for change

“When we raise our voices together we change lives. We change outcomes for families (for generations), we change communities (where we work and who we serve) and we change who we become”

About Robin

I am Robin R. Dillard, the Business Equality Advocate. With over 25 years of experience and a passion for empowering small businesses and underrepresented communities, I create strategic opportunities to leverage my relationships, media platforms and technology to support diversity in the workplace, marketplace, supply chain and the philanthropic endeavors of corporate America.

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It is my belief that small businesses are the engine of the economy. The innovation, injection of competition and job creation they provide are key to our economic prosperity. Driven by this belief, my experience in the public and private sector, as well as my experience as an entrepreneur and expertise in supplier diversity, I have built a model that serves both small, diverse businesses and the world's largest brands and employers.

As CEO and Managing Principal of The Business Equality Network (BEQ), I now have strategic media, consulting, research and business accelerator services specifically designed to reach and empower LGBTQ, women, minority and other underrepresented, underserved and underutilized business communities. BEQ leverages its dedicated communication platforms to facilitate an increase in cross-sector engagement of diverse professionals, business-owners and entrepreneurs, and between small businesses and large corporations.


BEQ's Communication Platforms Include

BEQ Serves

  • A diverse community of small-to-medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals;
  • Fortune-ranked corporations, government agencies and large employers dedicated to diversity & inclusion in their workplace, workforce, supply chain and in the communities they serve;
  • Advocacy groups, third-party certification organizations and non-profit organizations focused on business equality; and
  • Individual consumers and supporters of business equality.

What BEQ does

  • Engages and educates the diverse business community about the many organizations, programs and resources available to help grow their businesses and careers.
  • Raises awareness of the business issues unique to underrepresented groups
  • Promotes an organizations’ commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
  • Creates opportunities for underrepresented, small and medium businesses to openly, authentically and dynamically engage the larger economy

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